Enno Ootsing (1940) “In one boat”

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Enno Ootsing (1940) “In one boat”


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ENNO OOTSING (1940) – is an Estonian artist (graphic-, book artist and watercolorist). In 1961 he is graduated from Tartu Art School, specializing in painting and art pedagogy and in 1966 specialty of graphic art at the Estonian National Institute of Art. From 1965 to 1972, he was the artist-designer of the magazine Culture and Life, 1972-1976 Executive Secretary of the Estonian Artists’ Union, 1976-1980 the freelance artist. From 1980 he was a lecturer at the Estonian SSR State Institute of Art (from 1989 Tallinn Art University, 1995 Estonian Academy of Arts) and in 1982 he was the head of the graphics department. Professor from 2005 to 2005, Professor Emeritus from 2005.

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Wood engraving, paper, 5/12, 420×300, 2004

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