Jüri Arrak (1936) “Zappik” 2020

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Jüri Arrak (1936) “Zappik” 2020


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Jüri Arrak (1936) – studied at the Estonian National Institute of Art in 1961-1966 in the field of metal art.
He worked at the Tallinn Metal Products Factory as an artist. Later as a production artist at Tallinnfilm, and as a professor of liberal arts at the University of Tartu. He belonged to group ANK`64. Since 1969 he has been a freelance artist and a member of the Estonian Artists’ Union. 1988 Meritorious Artist of the Estonian SSR, has won several art awards, 2000 Order of the White Star, 2nd Class, 2007 Award for the Lifetime Achievement of the Estonian National Culture Foundation. The author’s book “Jüri Arrak’s Art Garden” best guides those interested in art to perceive and get to know his work.

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Lithography, 32×40 cm, 2020, unframed

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