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We accept orders

  • Porcelain painting on a cup, a saucer and a plate
  • Name letters on a silver plaques
  • Portrait painting in oil paints
  • Handmade rug

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Kunsti Õpitoad

You want to develop your creative output or start a new hobby, in which case we offer a variety of workshop programs under the guidance of an artist.

Porcelain painting

personalized painting on the ceramic dish (mug, cup, plate, etc.) in porcelain painting technique. Guided by porcelain artist.

Glass Earrings

design and create glass earrings using glass-melting techniques. Guided by porcelain artist.

T-shirt painting

using templates and stencil to design T-shirts and guided painting by a designer.


Come to get experience as model – order portrait from yourself or your friend (photo is fine).

Card and gift bag

A stylish card and a gift bag with unexpectedly simple tools under the guidance of a designer.

Floristics package or bottle

make an eye-catching gift on a package or bottle under the guidance of a designer-florist.

Scarf in silk painting technique

silk scarf painting with the guidance of the designer.


Participation in the workshop is arranged personally, see. CONTACT. We find you a suitable and enjoyable creative activity, we will book you for the time.

Prices for all workshops also include materials. participants will get their ready-made work for themselves.

Institutions and companies have the opportunity to order different creativity-promoting activities for their collective.

The duration of one course is approximately 2.5-3 hours.

Prices according to:

  • Glass Earrings, T-shirt, gift card and bag preparation course 28.00 eur.
  • floristics and silk painting course 35.00 eur.
  • Portrait painting 120.00 eur. (duration 4-6 hours, you can try modeling work 2-3 x a`2 hours when a painting is completed).


We offer the following services

  • Businesses and institutions have the opportunity to rent visual arts – paintings, graphic arts,
  • Businesses and institutions have the opportunity to order a workshop for their employees to Inspire their creativity, explore the different options under the WORKSHOPS sections